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Heart of a Ranger
It was raining and rain meant a lot of different things. It could mean that a flood was coming and that parts of our crops were probably going to get wiped out or even our home. It could also mean that the plants we had were going to get some water and grow a lot. Of course, for this flame-tailed creature lying on a bed in our home, the rain is probably the worst thing in the world.
“It’s a Magmar? Okay. I think I know what treatment to use.” I turned my head from looking at the injured Pokémon to listen to the voices from downstairs. One was that of my father’s while the other belonged to a nurse from a nearby town that had come to treat him. While that was going on, I glanced back down at the Magmar. He had cuts and scrapes all over and looked exhausted too. I had already put some first aid bandages to take care of the cuts. I felt a little useless that I couldn’t do more, but at least the poor creature wasn’t in bad shape. I walked over and t
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A Whole New Line
“Pinkie Pie, would you mind wheeling that cart of fabric over here?” Rarity called out, the seamstress looking over her red glasses as she worked on a dress.
“Sure thing, Rarity!” Within moments, the pink earth pony came into the room and brought the small cart to where Rarity could reach it, “Here you go!”
“Oh, thank you so much, darling,” Rarity said, picking up a roll of green fabric with her magic and unfurling some of it, using a pair of floating scissors to cut pieces of it while at the same time using her sewing machine, “I really appreciate you helping me out, dear. I would normally ask Sweetie Belle, but she’s off on that trip to Canterlot with the rest of her class.”
“No problem, Rarity. I’m always happy to help out a friend,” Pinkie smiled a bright, toothy grin at the white unicorn, “Besides, this is fun!” She hopped around the room in a circle before stopping near one of the mann
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Sharing the Love
The bear slowly made its way through the forest, lost in blissful innocence as it wandered around. As it traversed, it turned to a leafy bush and reached one of its large paws in, rooting around for the berries present within. It was unaware, however, that it was being watched through a circular scope, the one behind it slowly lining it up in its sights, just before they steadied themselves and...
“Got it,” Shutterbug said, satisfied at the first shot she managed to get of the bear with her camera, the red-maned pony keeping the large creature in the viewfinder as she took a few more shots of the bear foraging. She waited for a short time for it to continue along through the woods before taking more pictures. Soon, she felt she had gotten enough shots and packed her camera away in her saddle bag just before she spread her wings and flew off through the trees. She eventually found her way to a small cottage at the edge of the forest where Fluttershy, the resident of t
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Wrong Spell
“Too lumpy…too watery…gah!” Gavin the griffon ducked to the side as he nearly flew face-first into a dark storm cloud, glancing back over his shoulder at it, “Definitely don’t want that one,” he sighed with a shake of his head as he continued flying above Ponyville. While it was a beautiful and sunny afternoon, he was currently attempting to find a cloud on behalf of his best friend Wordy Notes the unicorn. At the moment, though, he was having difficulty in trying to find one that was both comfortable and not filled with water or lightning.
“The heck does Wordy even need with a cloud?” He thought as he continued flying. Eventually, he managed to find one that appeared like it would be perfect, though he did notice it was currently occupied by another pegasus. As he got closer, he found that it was Cloud Chaser, who appeared to be hunkered down on the cloud like she wasn’t trying to be seen…which Gavin was obliviou
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Can't Have Just One
“Let’s see…these ones will go here, then these ones will go into the section I’m currently having shelves built for,” Twilight Sparkle spoke out loud as she sorted through a large amount of books, organizing them into different piles in preparation for actually putting them into the shelves of the new library section of her castle she was about to open up. While there were still some left to go through, the alicorn librarian-turned-princess had at least managed to get through the entirety of the books Princess Celestia had donated to her, and that was an accomplishment in and of itself, “Oh, I’m so excited for when the library will finally open!” she smiled happily and clapped her hooves, letting out a squee as she did.
“Excited enough that you’re apparently talking to yourself,” a voice came from behind her, making Twilight jump and turn around, seeing Spike the dragon standing in the doorway to the unfinished library,
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Between a Rock and an Odd Place
“Hmhmhmhm,” Pinkie Pie hummed to herself as she scrubbed one of the work stations at Sugar Cube Corner, “Winter wrap up, winter wrap up~” Her chore came to a stop as soon as she heard the bell to the store jingle, making her set the cleaning rag down and dart out to the front counter, seeing the misshapen, multicolored form of Discord.
“Good afternoon, Pinkie Pie,” he smiled at her with a toothy grin.
“Oh! Heya', Dizzie! How's it going?” Pinkie beamed, but stopped for a moment and looked past him,
“Wait, why did you use the door? Can't you just poof in?”
“I felt like being a little unpredictable today,” Discord then laughed and shrugged, “Though I suppose when am I ever not unpredictable?”
“Whenever you order your usual pistachio cupcake with blackberry frosting and cherry smoothie?” Pinkie giggled.
“I don't order that every time!” Discord protested, then glanced left and right,
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Of Rangoons and Rapport-Part 4 (Final)
The zebra and griffon hurried their way through the Everfree (as much as they could hurry given Gavin's condition, anyway.) Soon, they both reached the edge of the forest, Zecora and Gavin both rushing up behind a large bush as they peered up over the top of it.
“Well, looks clear from here,” Gavin observed, slipping back behind it, “The streets are pretty clear nowadays, especially with half the town probably stuck in their homes.”
“Gavin, if I may ask, do you have a plan to accomplish your task?” Zecora inquired, her face shrouded from within her hood.
“Uh...sorta'?” Gavin shrugged, “My plan was to go in, grab some food for you, maybe try one more time to get the three of them to snap out of it and then come back here. Not necessarily in that order,” he turned to Zecora with a sheepish smile, to which Zecora stared back at least he thought she was anyway.
“Your persistence and loyalty might just be able to mak
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Of Rangoons and Rapport-Part 3
The beeping sounded like a jackhammer at work as Gavin grumbled and slowly opened his heavy eyelids.
“Ugggh...I know, I know. Shut up,” he reached out, slapping against his nightstand before finally making contact with the alarm clock, shutting it off. He then stretched his forearms and legs while yawning heavily before proceeding to get out of bed, which creaked slightly from the bulk it had been forced to endure all night. Ever since he had eaten at the grill, Gavin's body had increased in size by a significant amount. Thanks to the layer of muscle he already had, he didn't look nearly as out of shape as some of the others in town but he still had all the familiar traits of being fat with his belly hanging low enough to just barely brush up against the floor while his once toned rear bulged and quivered heavily. Each of his limbs were as rounded as tree trunks while his neck was buried underneath a thick double-chin and plump cheeks. He stretched out and started to make h
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Of Rangoons and Rapport-Part 2
The next day, Gavin was high up in the sky with the rest of the pegasi of Ponyville's Weather Patrol Team, moving into the right positions and organizing some of the others to make sure no adverse weather effects would happen. As he floated a large, dark thunder cloud over (while wearing gloves around his talons) he looked over to a yellow pegasus with a clipboard in her hooves that she was staring at intensely while subconsciously brushing her cobalt-blue mane to the side.
“Hey, Sunshower, where do you want me to put this one?” He asked her.
“Oh...uh...over there,” she responded, her back still turned to Gavin  as she motioned her hoof to the left, but then panned her head up and around, sighing, “Erm...sorry. Over there.” She pointed over.
“Hey, it's no problem,” Gavin said as he started to move the cloud, “How're things going? We on track to finish good today?”
“If we actually have ponies show up we might,”
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Of Rangoons and Rapport-Part 1
It was a beautiful afternoon day in Ponyville. Having just completed a successful day of working for the schoolteacher Cheerilee, Wordy Notes the unicorn trotted through the streets, smiling and waving at the ponies he came across. As he walked, he heard the telltale sounds of heavy wing beats just above him.
“Yo, bro'!” A voice came as a large griffon with black fur and red markings around his eyes landed, dust kicking up from the eagle/panther hybrid touching down, “What's up?” He flashed a bright grin, matching pace with the dark-blue unicorn, who currently sported a bright red bandanna around his neck and a pair of saddlebags, though his cutie mark of a scroll was still visible.
“Heya', Gavin,” Wordy returned the friendly expression, “How are you?”
“Pretty good. You off work too?” Gavin asked.
“Yup,” Wordy nodded in response, “Things went good today. Cheerilee and I got a lot of essays and tests graded as
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Thank you so much to everyone that wished me a happy birthday here. ^^ You guys are awesome and thank you for remembering. I ended up not getting the instant fattening formula or Monster Hunter Generations early but it was still all good. Thanks again!


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